Chartres Cathedral, The Divine Feminine & The Black Madonna's

Chartres Cathedral has been a sacred destination & pilgrimage site since ancient times. Anyone who has walked through and connected to this portal can attest to its energetic power & mother goddess frequency that resonates from its very core. At this sacred location where Chartres cathedral stands you’ll find an eclectic combination of Sacred Relics, a Holy Well, Mystic Rose Windows, Labyrinth and the famous Black Madonna’s. It's a potent mixture which has attracted both spiritual & religious pilgrims for hundreds of years.

This location is undoubtedly a powerful energy vortex but what is the energy source behind this Sacred Site? 

Druids & the Goddess Energy

When understanding the power source of any sacred site, one needs to go back into the eons of time. During pre-christian times, most of western europe was known as Gaul and was occupied by Celtic tribes, with the Druids holding considerable power as priests, teachers and judges.  

Not much is known about the druids since all their sacred teachings, were by law, not allowed to be written down. However Julius Caesar, the famous roman general, did in detail describe the Druids in his writings. He claimed their main teaching was that the Soul never dies but passes from one body to another - the doctrine of reincarnation. He also stated that they were concerned with "the stars and their movements, the size of the cosmos and the earth, the world of nature, and the powers of deities".

Alchemy,Grid Technology & Goddess Energy

So the ancient druids knew and understood the power of alchemy, grid technology & goddess energy. Caesar also stated that the druids would meet up once a year in the Forest of Carnutes.  According to scholars this sacred place was an ancient druidic Mother Goddess site that centred around a holy spring/well and cave. This was the energetic "hotspot" where they could connect to an ancient vibration for healing, receiving universal wisdom & raising their frequency for spiritual evolution. The whole area was known as the Saintes Lieux Forts - this loosely translates as - the Holy and Powerful place.

Chartres Holy Well - Interdimensional access to point to other worldly realms

Holy Well, Chartres Crypt

It is believed by some that this ancient Mother Goddess site is where Chartres Cathedral is now located, specifically where the ancient Well known as the Well of the Holy Ones resides. This Well is to be found in the Crypt, which is the oldest part of Chartres cathedral dating back to the 11th century. It is considered to be the largest crypt in France and third largest after St Peters in Rome and Canterbury in England. 

The Well sits just before a huge subterranean church, which is lit with red lamps hanging from the ceiling. It is here that you'll find the Black Madonna of the Underworld ( Notre Dame de Sous Terre). This is a replica of an older Black Madonna, that was destroyed during the French revolution.

The energy is palpable and intense here. It feels ancient and sacred. It's my sense that this area would have been part of the original cave with the Holy Spring where the druids would have come to worship the Mother Goddess energy, specifically that of the BLACK MADONNA.



Black Madonnas are a symbol of the mother goddess & her creative powers.

Black Madonnas are statues which can be found all over the world but mainly in Europe with many being found in France. These statues often depict a dark or darken Mother Mary with baby Jesus on her lap. Black Madonnas have been venerated for centuries with many miraculous and healing abilities attached to their presence. They are often found buried, half hidden in a field or forest and often have some mysterious circumstances surrounding their discovery. Because of this they are often cited as possessing miraculous powers - such as healing and protective powers.

Spiritually, Black Madonna’s through out time have symbolised the magical and alchemical powers of Magic, Transference & Alchemy. The Madonna refers to the Goddess, the creator and the feminine aspect of God. The ability to give birth to, and co create ones divine birthing process. The black refers to the spiritual technology held with the powers of the Goddess which is the Black Ray. The Black Ray holds the power of Magic, Transference and Alchemy. Without this aspect there would be no growth or spiritual evolution. This technology speaks to the death aspect of creation. The ability to surrender and let go before the birth can occur. This is the true power of the Black Madonna. The ability to surrender and enter into the void, the unseen, the womb of creation and from that place of surrender bring through the white ray, the power to manifest. One cannot happen with out the other. This is the power of the Divine Feminine which the Black Madonna symbolises.

Mary Magdalene

Transference Healing® Template of Mary Magdalene

The Black Ray holds the power of Magic, Transference and Alchemy

The lineage holder of the black ray is Mary Magdalene. She holds a sacred lineage  of priestess teachings and practices including mysteries of purification, kundalini and alchemy. She has been a powerful symbol throughout history, often portrayed in a negative light because humanity couldn't handle her presence of power and light. There have also been other souls who have embodied this energy such as Isis, Ishtar, Lilith & Morgan le Fay. 

The black ray contains higher frequencies of light, elements and prana that are unseen. They lay hidden in the un manifested realms of matter. These higher frequencies are able to sustain and support our lightbody to integrate for the eventual birthing of our divine self. 

It was this aspect of the Mother Goddess - the ability to co create through the power of Alchemy & the Transference energy that the druids sought when coming to this ancient Goddess site. This is a lineage of priestess teachings that centred around the sacredness of the goddess, the powers of nature, the magical properties of elements and elementals and the ability to purify to enable the embodiment of these sacred teachings

Chartres Cathedral is Ultimately an Alchemical Instrument for the birthing of the Christos

I see Chartres Cathedral as an alchemical instrument for the powers of co creation & manifestation through the magical powers of Transference.

The vast crypt symbolising and holding the energy of the void, the womb of the Mother Goddess and the connection point to the black ray. Here is where we find the Black Madonna of the Underworld. This Madonna, is the Goddess who will give birth. She holds the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, Mother Sophia and her embodiment of Ain Soph. All that potential lays deep within her womb and she holds the key to unlocking that from deep within you. As you tap into the black ray through the Black Madonna, purify and surrender, you then emerge into the light through the White ray. You give birth to your creation. This may be an aspect of your over soul for Higher gifts and talents or the birthing of more evolved emotions, or even the rebirthing of your divine or Christ self. This is all symbolised in the upper part of the Cathedral with its sacred geometry, sacred relics from the birthing of Jesus, its labyrinth and towers dedicated to the sun and the moon. 

Connect to this powerful & transformative energy 

If you're drawn to accelerate your spiritual growth & support your healing process, then working with this sacred lineage of teachings is essential so that you can tap into the unknown forces of the universe to participate in the co creation of your reality.

For so long, humanity has lived in a world of separation. The Black Madonna lineage is a sacred lineage of underground teachings centred in France, which delves into the secret teachings of the Divine feminine and the gifts that she bestows through the awakening of the psyche and the embodiment of oneness & unity. 

Maybe you're;

•  Guided to work more consciously with the Divine Feminine Energy

•  Wanting to go into deeper states of surrender for healing & spiritual growth

•  Ready to open up more of your psyche & third eye 

•  Accelerating your spiritual growth and are ready to take your next step on your journey

•  Feeling a calling deep inside of you that speaks of Alchemy, Magic & the Divine Goddess 

Want to connect & experience this energy For Yourself?

For those who feel the calling I have an Online Sacred Site Journey that takes you energetically to this Sacred Site.

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