Your Spiritual Journey Recommendations

Temple Activate

Activate, Accelerate & Unlock your Destiny & Purpose to step into your spiritual power & Birth your gifts & talents


Destiny Mastery 

Activations, Transmissions & Purification Teachings From The Subterranean Chamber, Pyramid Of Giza


Awaken Your Divine Feminine Codes

Activations, Transmissions & Sacred Divine Feminine Teachings from the Queens Chamber, Pyramid of Giza


Egyptian Temple Gridding Tour

experience this unique Gridding journey to Egypt & receive divinely orchestrated initiations for your next ascension upgrade. 


Archangel Michael crystal merkaba grid journey

Archangel Michael  – Skellig Michael, Ireland

Discover how this multidimensional grid point links to Mont St. Micheal in France and St. Michaels Mount in the UK.   Follow the route of this Michael ley line which travels from Ireland all the way to the Holy Land. This line, anchors and births Christ Consciousness onto the planet.


The Emergence crystal merkaba grid journey

The Emergence, Grand Canyon

travel to a site that is over 2 billion years old and considered highly sacred by the Native American People who have lived here for thousands of years.  Discover the Hopi prophesies of the great purification, balance the left & right hemispheres of the brain and anchor your 5d template


Rapa Nui – Easter Island 

travel through space and time to the sacred grid vortex of Rapa Nui, Easter Island.  Ground and anchor your New Earth Template and discover how the Kuiper Belt holds cosmic technology to support the birthing of the 5d. 


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