Your Spiritual Journey Recommendations

Temple Sanctuary

Everything you need to connect to your New Earth manifestations  and create a daily energetic practice  to feel Uplifted, empowered & Serene


New Earth Codes Kit 

As we navigate the collapse of the old 3d matrix, explore how to tap into infinite opportunities and possibilities of Divine flow, connection, manifestation and creativity that are emerging from the chaos. Discover how working together collectively supports this huge planetary rebirth process and ignites our ascension process.


Temple Activate

Activate, Accelerate & Unlock your Destiny & Purpose to step into your spiritual power & Birth your gifts & talents


Uluru, Australia overlaid with aboriginal art to represent spiritual empowerment

Spiritual Empowerment & Ancestral Healing, Uluru

Travel Through Space And Time To Potent Grid Location Of Uluru  To Clear Lineage Distortions And Recharge Your Solar Plexus Chakra.


London Stone Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey

London Stone, Spiritual Initiations

Travel energetically to the London Stone, London which is in the heart of the city and linked to ancient myths and legends around the Druids, Mithras Cult, King Arthur & Camelot.



 Tap into these Divine Teachings, Transmissions & Activations To Support your expansion, re-alignment & recalibration Into A 5 - 7D Crystalline Holographic Matrix


Destiny Mastery 

Activations, Transmissions & Purification Teachings From The Subterranean Chamber, Pyramid Of Giza


Awaken Your Divine Feminine Codes

Activations, Transmissions & Sacred Divine Feminine Teachings from the Queens Chamber, Pyramid of Giza


Egyptian Temple Gridding Tour

experience this unique Gridding journey to Egypt & receive divinely orchestrated initiations for your next ascension upgrade. 


Spiritual Awakening

Take your Next step in your spiritual transformative journey to expand your knowledge, awareness & consciousness


Ascension Vortex

Sacred One Year container with divine teachings, activations & transmissions for Alchemy, Magic & Divinity Codes 


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