A portal to deepen our connection to the Divine Feminine is currently open. This is the annual Sirian Gateway which opens between the 3rd - 7th July each year.

These high pure crystalline frequencies of light awaken deeper codes of the divine feminine in support of the opening of the psyche and the birthing of our spiritual gifts and talents.

The Sirian dimensions work with the heart chakra, third eye and fourth eye chakras - Eye of Horus technology - to support humanity in the birthing of their divine sense of self through the divine feminine

This portal will be open for the next few days and is a powerful gateway to absorb these high frequency downloads

This portal is very powerful as Sirian frequencies work with spiritual power & the birthing of Christ consciousness

The initiations and light downloads facilitated during this time will open your heart & psyche ready for the New Moon in cancer - all in support of strengthening your connection to the Feminine Principle

Enjoy this powerful portal of Light and the initiations that may come through it

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There are two Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys that work specifically with Sirian energy that you can access inside the Temple membership

Holy Vortex, SW France - where you're taken inter dimensionally to an ancient high priestess site for an attunement to the Goddess Isis ( an embodiment of these Sirian frequencies)

Temple of the White Lion, Angkor Wat, Cambodia - You'll travel here through time and space to this Temple mountain to receive light encoded Sirian frequencies for purification, heart consciousness & feminine principle


Right now is the perfect time to work with frequency meditations on a daily basis to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high

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