This month’s lunar energy update is around New beginnings, Spider Magic Manifestation & Rapid changes

This is an amazing month for new beginnings, manifestation & rapid changes

The key is to co create consciously by working with the current energies that are filtering through right now

Watch my video to discover more and then work with my recommendations to amplify this current lunar cycle energy

Key Themes for this month are:

New Beginnings

Weaving Your Web

Leaking Energy & Clearing Cords

Amplifying your Solar Plexus Chakra

Manifestation through Spider Magic


Recommendations for everyone

Get really clear on your goals, intentions & higher purpose

Clear cords & stuck energy

Keep your etheric template in alignment with what you wish to manifest

Clear your chakras daily

Recommendations For Earthstar Temple Members

Spiritually Aligned Goal Setting Workshop - Set your intentions & align your goals with your Higher Self. This is a wonderful workshop for staying connected and in alignment with your Higher Self, intentions & big picture vision

Uluru, Solar Plexus World Chakra - In this Crystal Merkaba Journey you’ll discover the magic of Uluru, Australia. This sacred site is the Solar plexus world chakra. By traveling to this site interdimensionally and tuning in you’ll be able to support the clearing & healing of your solar plexus for empowerment, manifestation & will

Cutting the Cords - Clear cords & hook ins so you can free yourself up energetically and hold more Light. Essential when caught up in negative projections and lower energy cords

Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation - This is a great daily frequency meditation you can use to clear & balance out your chakra and energy field. Perfect for this download of Light during this whole month so that you can stay energetically open and clear to receive, anchor and ground the cosmic light

Spider Magic Meditation - learn how to weave a higher reality etheric template for yourself and your family 


Right now is the perfect time to work with frequency meditations on a daily basis to shift your frequency, ground, stay balanced & keep your vibe high

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